Olivia ShephardOlivia Shephard
1st time pass
I think that laura is an amazing instructor, although she has been my only instructor. I couldn’t ask for a better one. She helped me pass first time and she finds good ways to help me remember things. I always look forward to lessons with Laura as we always have a laugh. She called me a drama queen a lot but it paid off. The preparation and learning methods were really useful to help me pass first time 😊

Alfie PeirsonAlfie Peirson
Laura is very friendly, can have a laugh and makes the lessons fun and engaging. The LDC workbook was very useful for the tell me questions.

Archie Peirson Archie Peirson
1st time pass
Laura made it very comfortable for me to learn to drive despite of it being daunting to begin with. Can talk to her about everything making it easier to learn and ask questions of how I can improve. I passed first time, so clearly Laura had taught me very well. Prepared very well and made sure we covered everything prior to the test. Thanks a lot.

Ebony SaylesEbony Sayles
Laura is very helpful, helped me practice things I was struggling with to make me feel confident and prepared. Laura is very friendly and would recommend her. The LDC workbook she provided me with helped towards my show and tell me questions

Jamie CoeJamie Coe
1st time pass
The LDC workbook was very detailed, explained everything very clear. Laura was excellent, very informative gave clear instructions and gave the best advice. Made me feel at ease, she prepared me in all aspects for the test. Couldn’t ask for a better instructor.

Georgia BurtonGeorgia Burton
1st time pass
Laura is a very kind and patient instructor. She’s helped me loads with my confidence, she is very knowledgeable. I enjoyed all my lessons each week. The LDC workbook was very helpful and informative which helped break everything down into small chunks when ever they was needed.

McKenzie BrookMcKenzie Brook
1st time pass
Laura was very professional and friendly, I enjoyed and looked forward to every lesson. The LDC workbook and videos were very useful and for my test it was very helpful for my show and tell me questions

Grace GardinerGrace Gardiner
I am over the moon, Laura is lovely
Laura is lovely, breaks down all the different parts perfectly. Helped me stay confident during stressful situations and after failing tests. I found the LDC workbook useful to look through before my lessons and the pictures were handy when Laura was explaining things. Overall I have enjoyed my driving lessons and looked forward to them, I will miss them in the future but over the moon I passed!

Christian BuchanChristian Buchan
Without doubt the best experience of my life, I cannot thank Laura enough for the support, time and patience. One Super Big Thank You.

Emilie ClarkEmilie Clark
1st Pass
Laura is a really good instructor and makes you feel really relaxed, doesn’t rush you and takes her time with you. She is very patient and considerate, and the best teacher I’ve ever had. I feel as though I’ve gained a lot of experience with Laura, which has stuck with me and has helped me pass my test. She is very kind and passionate about what she does.

Sam ClarkSam Clark
1st pass
Laura is extremely helpful by making sure you know what you’re doing by giving tips and double checking your ok. Laura is also really kind and sees how you’re doing, she has really prepared me for my test and sure I was comfortable before moving onto the next thing I needed to practice on.

Jamie HarperJamie Harper
I found Laura very patient and she allowed me a level of freedom whilst driving which I had not experienced previously. Laura was calm and reassuring and helped to get me mentally prepared to pass my test. She was also friendly and approachable and we enjoyed a chat and some banter on my lessons.

Olivia IrwinOlivia Irwin
1st time pass
Laura has been amazing throughout my lessons. She has helped me with so much I can’t thank her enough Thanks Laura 😃

Cameron Saxon Cameron Saxon
Lessons were really fun and exciting, Laura is very down to earth and easy to talk to which makes it easier to get over the nerves of learning to drive. I have had a really good time learning to drive with Laura, and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done.

Jade CuttleJade Cuttle
8th time lucky!!!
8th time lucky!!!! Laura is the most patient and supportive instructor I’ve met. She would never lose faith in my driving even when I would. She was always so flexible with timings, and we tried 6 times together at all hours. I’ve tried loads of driving instructors and always left them feeling deflated and like I couldn’t be good enough but Laura is completely opposite. You definitely won’t meet a nicer, more friendly instructor!!!

Kieran HudsonKieran Hudson
1st time pass
Laura is very friendly and I felt comfortable straight away. She has very good teaching methods and her ways of teaching made me grasp it so much easier, and made me a much better driver.

Aaron Carrigan Aaron Carrigan
Passed 😊
It’s been great learning to drive with Laura, we used to LDC workbook to break each lesson down into small bite size chunks and the workbook was informative especially when it came to the driving test itself. Would highly recommend Laura to anyone.

Josh LindleyJosh Lindley
1st time pass
It has been really good learning with Laura, she has taught me loads since starting with her in March. Laura is a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend to anyone learning.

James Bailey James Bailey
1st time pass
Laura was a pleasure to work with and be taught by. Her methods worked perfectly, the LDC workbook also helped, with detailed step by step support on each topic. Also helped with my show and tell me questions.

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